37th Annual Meeting

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The Bertrand Russell Society

McMaster University
21–23 May 2010

in conjunction with the conference

Principia Mathematica at 100”

21–24 May 2010

Hosted by The Bertrand Russell Research Centre

Previous meetings at McMaster were in 1978, 1981, 1983, 1990, 2001 and 2005. Arrive early, tour the Bertrand Russell Archives and attend the beginning of the PM@100 conference! Stay late and attend the remainder of PM@100! Save on dual registration!

Abstracts of scheduled papers are on the Annual Meeting blogsite at Russell 2010 at McMaster University and in PDF format here. The programme of papers and events is available. Papers for the meeting are to be submitted to the BRS President, Dr. Alan Schwerin (submissions are now closed). See also the Prizes for Papers Competition.


Members will make their own accommodation arrangements on the BRS form linked at the McMaster's Conference Services. Rooms in a campus residence, Les Prince Hall, have been designated for the BRS. The hot breakfast each morning will be in the residence. Breakfast is included in the accommodation price.

Registration and Payment Deadline: Monday, 10 May 2010



What You Get

BRS Registration for BRS Members


Welcome buffet, Saturday lunch, BRS banquet, Sunday lunch & BRS papers

Student Members of BRS


Saturday lunch, Sunday lunch & BRS papers

Student Non-Members of BRS


Saturday lunch, Sunday lunch & BRS papers

PM@100 Conference for BRS Registrants

$25 if received by 1 May


Welcome Buffet for Non-Members


Welcome buffet

Saturday Banquet for Non-Members


BRS banquet

BRS Registration for PM@100 Registrants


BRS papers, no buffet or banquet

BRS Registration for Non-Members


Welcome buffet, Saturday lunch, BRS banquet, Sunday lunch & BRS papers


All taxes are included. Enclose this registration form with your payment (by PayPal, cheque, money order or credit card) and send it to:

The Bertrand Russell Research Centre
Mills Library, Room 504
McMaster University
1280 Main St. West
Hamilton, ON
Canada L8S 4L6


Below is a list of those who have registered by 11 May 2010:

Nicholas Griffin
David Blitz
Ilmari Kortelainen
Alan Schwerin
Chad Trainer
James Connelly
Raymond White
Graham Stevens
Andrew Bone
Edward McClenathan
Nancy Mitchell
Barrie Zwicker
Stephen Reinhardt
Russell Wahl
Giovanni Duarte de Carvalho
Howard Blair
Gregory Landini
Sheila Turcon
Jolen Galaugher
Chris Pincock
Kevin Klement
Tom Riggins
Kevin Blaker
Bill Bruneau
Arnold Johanson
Mary Coughlin
Raymond Perkins
Karen Perkins
Rosalind Carey
John Ongley
Alan Bock
Sylvia Nickerson
Philip Ebersole
Bernard Linsky
Warren N. Wagner
Alan Bishop
David Henehan
Peter Stone
Tim Madigan
Stefan Andersson
Ken Blackwell

Other Links


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