Annual Meeting of the

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Bertrand Russell Society

McMaster University
13-15 May 2005

in conjunction with the conference

“Russell vs. Meinong: 100 Years after ‘On Denoting’”

14-18 May 2005

Hosted by The Bertrand Russell Research Centre

This is the Society's 32nd annual meeting. Previous meetings at McMaster were in 1978, 1981, 1983, 1990 and 2001. Arrive early and tour the Russell Archives and the Russell Research Centre! Stay late and attend the “Russell vs. Meinong” conference! Save on dual registration by April 27!

The Schedule of Papers and Events is here. Papers for the meeting are to be submitted to the BRS President, Dr. Alan Schwerin. See also the Prizes for Papers Competition. The February 2005 issue of the Bertrand Russell Society Quarterly carries further news about the annual meeting.

Registration and Accommodation

The Welcome Desk in the Commons opens at 4 pm and the Buffet at 6 on Friday, May 13. Red Hackle Hour and the Banquet start at 6 pm on Saturday, May 14. Checkout is by 3 pm on Sunday, May 15.
Registration and payment deadline: Wednesday, April 27, 2005


US $

Canadian $

What You Get

Dual registration for BRS members

including entire “OD” conference



Welcome buffet, Saturday lunch, BRS banquet, Sunday lunch, “OD” refreshments & all papers

BRS registration only, for BRS members



Welcome buffet, Saturday lunch, BRS banquet, Sunday lunch & BRS papers

BRS registration only, for Non-Members (no banquet)



Welcome buffet, Saturday lunch, Sunday lunch & BRS papers

Dual registration for Non-Members at both the BRS and “OD” conferences (no banquet)



Welcome buffet, Saturday lunch, Sunday lunch, “OD” refreshments & all papers

“OD” registration only (no banquet)



Saturday lunch, Sunday lunch, refreshments & all “OD” papers

Students (BRS registration only)



Saturday lunch, Sunday lunch & BRS papers

Banquet for non-BRS registrants

(note: BRS membership & registration would include the banquet plus 2 journals)



BRS banquet


All taxes are included. Pay for registration only (in US $) by Paypal to, or send an international money order or cheque (no traveller's cheques, please), made out in either currency, to THE BERTRAND RUSSELL SOCIETY, INC., to:

The Bertrand Russell Research Centre
McMaster University
1280 Main St. West
Hamilton, ON
Canada L8S 4M2

Enclose this handy form with your cheque.


For accommodation, please deal directly with McMaster Conference Services, using the handy form at this page. A two-night stay with single occupancy will cost a grand total of $110.32 (about US $94.00). The five nights of the two conferences will total $275.80 (about US $235.00).

How to get to McMaster University and a map.


Many international airlines serve Pearson Airport in Toronto. Arrange for an Airways Transit limo-van ahead of time to meet you at either airport (visit its website), or (less expensively) bus into Toronto and take a GO bus from the bus terminal.

Send email queries about the arrangements to: or phone (905) 525-9140 ext. 24896.

Below is a list of those who have registered by May 13, including the banquet (“+b”).

David Bostock (+b x2)
Dale Jacquette (+b)
Tina Jacquette (+b)
Gideon Makin (+b)
Johann C. Marek (+b)
Francis J. Pelletier (+b)
Nathan Salmon (+b)
Peter Simons (+b)
Alasdair Urquhart (+b)
Paul Weingartner (+b x3)
David Wesley (BRS)
Hugh Fraser (BRS)
Harry Deutsch (OD, +b)
Fred Seymour Michael (OD, +b x2)
Gary Ostertag (OD, +b)
Graham Stevens (OD, +b)*
David Goldman (BRS+b)
David Coleman (BRS+b)*
Edgar Boedeker (BRS+b)*
Tuomas Manninen (OD, +b)
Kevin Klement (OD, +b)
Nick Griffin (BRS+b, OD)
Erez Aloni (OD,+b)
Nancy Mitchell (BRS+b)
Edward McClenathan (BRS+b)
Russell Wahl (OD, BRS+b)
Howard Blair (BRS+b)
Sheila Turcon (BRS+b, -bb)
Stephen Reinhardt (BRS+b)
Alberto Voltolini (OD, +b)
Arkadiusz Chrudzimski (OD, +b)
Ilpo Halonen (OD, BRS+b)
Andrew Bone (BRS+b)
Gregory Landini (BRS+b, OD)
Robert A. Riemenschneider (BRS+b, OD)
Rolf George (OD, +b)
Anssi Korhonen (OD, BRS+b)
David L. Henehan (BRS+b)
Michael Stevenson (BRS~b)
Karen Perkins (BRS+b, OD)
Ray Perkins Jr. (BRS+b, OD)
Stephen Heathorn (BRS~b)
Chad Trainer (BRS+b)
Cara Rice (BRS+b)
Alan Schwerin (BRS+b, OD)
Murali Ramachandran (OD+b)
Hartley Slater (OD, +b)
Adriana Silva Graca (OD, +b)
Rosalind Carey (BRS+b)
John Ongley (BRS+b)
William Bruneau (BRS+b, OD)
Christopher Pincock (BRS+b, OD)
David Godden (OD, BRS~b)
Andrew Lugg (BRS+b)
Ruili Ye (BRS+b, OD)
Peter Stone (BRS+b, OD)
Warren Allen Smith (BRS+b)
Stefan Andersson (BRS+b, OD)
Bernard Linsky (BRS+b, OD)
Tim Madigan (BRS+b)
Philip Ebersole (BRS+b) 
Jimmy Plourde (OD, +b)
Ken Blackwell (BRS+b, OD)

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